Jim " Shot"  Estes


Some Words from Soupy


Jim " Shot"  Estes was just "an Old Hippie" from way back...

as he told us, he had rode with the best (worst) of them.... He came from down around the St.

Charles and Nortonville Kentucky area and rode with several different Bike Clubs...

You couldn't find a better candidate for a Rat !... As he got older he decided to settle down

here around the Sturgis, Kentucky area, matter of fact , about 3/4 mile from my house...

He rode an old Harley that he worked on more than we do our VW trikes.  Most of his bike was held together with some ole mining tape I brought from the  mines, where I work...

Shot was just an "Old Biker" (kinda reminded me of Trader) .He would do anything in the

world for you if his back would let him...

He had the sweetest little wife,  whom we all called "Newt" , don't know why but, we just do...

 A couple of months ago Shot gotta feelin' bad and decided to see a doc....This doc thought that

he found something wrong with Shot and started running some tests..... When Shot went back

to the doc. to find out what he had found, ole doc. told Shot that he had two weeks or maybe

four to live....He had found cancer....Shot lived 10 days after they found it. Not real sure how

old he was... Sometimes he would tell you he was 55 and on his good days he would tell you

59....Just don't know.

He wouldn't join the "Rats" at first because he thought we were a "Club" but when he found

out that we were just a bunch of good ole boys wanting to have a little fun, he signed right up

One thing I can say about Shot and this brings me back to the Trader part, he made the best

damn Texas Baked Beans I ever put on a plate.....He will be missed by all that knew him...

Specially us Rats !

This might be a little long but, that's the way he told you a story.....His stories would be so long

he would forget what he was a tellin' ya.




Nancy Long: Wife of Odis Long . Member of The Ohio River Rat Pack of Western, KY. Has

been with us for about three years now. Died this summer of "unknown" causes...

Nancy and Odis were camping on the Ohio River, when Odis found her dead in her bed..

The Rats loved Nancy very much....She was or has been fighting depression for some time now

and was starting to come out of it .  Some people say the Rats had a little to do with

her turn around by giving her love and companionship she needed... She will be missed..