Sad day for the Ohio River Rat Pack of Western Ky.

Friday ,Dec. 28 th... Krista Gettys of Nashville,Tenn (formally of Central City,KY... Passed

away to day after a long battle with brain cancer.

Krista was 43 years old and was married to Cowboy (Wayne Gettys) on June 24 th this year

She became a Rat at the Sturgis Bike Rally of this year also..

Krista Gettys will be missed by her friends and by all The Rats




The weekend that the Rats had a Little Sturgis Rally 2001.


It started on a Wed. night at the line party, the beer was flowing pretty good and the people were

starting to get right...A friend of mine (Tooter) from Tenn. came to me and ask if the Rats would

help her out on this weekend.. Well ya know how a bunch of Rats can be... We said ...........Yes!

Seems that Tooter has a cousin that was real sick... She has terminal brain cancer....

This cousin of Tooter's was named Krista and one of her last wishes was to be at The Little

Sturgis rally rally this year, because she didn't know if she was gonna be able to make it back next

year....  Well , I guess you have figured this story out by now.......Tooter ask the Rats to show

Krista a good time at this rally..........And we DID !

From TV interviews to trike rides, dances and just partying.. All in all, we think she had a good

time.....I know the Rats did...

Krista was trying to fill her life with all the best since she was diagnosed with terminal brain

cancer on or around  May 30th... She married her long time boyfriend (Cowboy) the 24th of June

this year and she made it to the Little  Sturgis Rally and ended up with the Rats.

 I'm not sure if I'll ever see Krista again or if I'll ever hear anymore about her but, I will say this

her but, I will say this about her........This girl rode her way right into a bunch of hearts that

weekend (mine especially).

I would like to thank a few special people for all the great help they gave the Rats and Krista

t weekend..... Tooter,Kenneth and his wife (I can't spell her name), The Little Sturgis Rally

Comm., The Little Sturgis Rally Security ( Montana) and good OLE Doc Holiday for all their

help getting us around the rally site and to Freddie and Lynn Shelton for giving Krista rides on

their trike. a special thanks goes to Kickstart and Sean from Tenn. for everything they did to

make a fun weekend for Kristie and to all The Rats and vendors at the rally for the vest,  patches

and everything else they donated (especially their time) to make this weekend a GREAT ONE for

Krista.  Kristie if you ever get a chance to read this, We All Love You Very Much!    This week

end you were truly the Queen of The Rats!